Big news for youtubers! Comcast is officially adding in YouTube to its available facilities. This just helps the organizations take a huge leap towards becoming the true monopoly in video entertainment, via old-school methods, as well as online streaming. So let’s talk tech, Comcast is America’s greatest cable supplier, and YouTube will be available via its X1 interface. This will make it super easy to stream movies and TV shows. How it works is, you will be able to subscribe and even have access to speak into a voice activated remote control in order to search videos.
YouTube does indeed have a paid service which customers will have the option of selecting. The facility is called YouTube Red, and that will be available for purchase as well, and available on the X1 for subscribers. The goal of this brilliant infusion was to get rid of hassle. It can be quite inconvenient to switching from one cable service and then web devices. This is mainly just a gimmick to help retain customers, as well as attract YouTubers to Comcast.
The company also has plans of enjoying the TV advertising market, a potential $63 billion to be exact. Since YouTube is the most popular video streaming service to be added to X1, it will kind of give some competition to Netflix Inc. Netflix just so happens to also be on X1, but unfortunately other competitors like Amazon Prime for example, have not yet be made readily available on Comcast’s X1.
It is common knowledge that Comcast and Alphabet Inc., which happens to be the parent of Google and YouTube, haven’t always been the best of friends. Just last year, the two entities were on opposing sides of an ongoing proposition that would require customers to get free renting cable boxes. The FCC just recently withdrew the proposition from the table. Google has actually also tried to compete with Comcast by trying to give high-speed Internet Services in several different locations over the U.S., but they have since dialed it down. YouTube is currently working on a cable-like live TV service that will be able to be plugged in directly with Comcast’s cable TV service. Sounds exciting folks! Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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