Many of us are fans of Grand Theft Auto. Its version Grand Theft Auto IV can be now played in Xbox One through a new back compatibility feature. The experience gets better when you play in Xbox.

The game is available for Rs1,120 in India and $20 in the US. The game is downloadable with a size of 6.51 GB. And it is playable in Xbox. You can also use your existing save files.

Episode from the Liberty city DLC packs, “the Lost and Damned” and “the ballad of Gay Tony” will also be playable in Xbox One just like Undead Nightmare of Red Dead Redemption which was played in Xbox One by connecting it to the back console. Isn’t that cool. After this the GTA gaming experience will be taken to whole new level.

With backward compatibility you can either download the GTA IV if is a digital copy, by installing the game in Xbox One, or by inserting a disk and then downloading it in Xbox One. These are the two ways of installation of Grand Theft Auto IV. If your previous game is stored in Cloud Saved games feature on Xbox 360 then the game saves will also get transferred.

The outlook of GTA IV : a fan who is a black sheep of a franchise, with a broken check point system, frustrating missions and drab character.

GTA fans get ready for theft, franchise, money, guns and so on in Xbox One. Hope GTA IV brings as much fun as the other versions. Get gaming.


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