The Onion Omega2 is an IoT computer that is a Linux computer specifically designed for connecting hardware applications but also, ‘feed the poor’. It is the next in line in the lineage of Raspberry Pi which is a credit card-sized computer designed for education, inspired by the 1981 BBC Micro. The Onion Omega2 has the power and flexibilities of Raspberry Pi but it also combines the tiny form factor and power- efficiency of the Arduino (a hardware and software company that makes techy thingy’s!)

Omega2 is obviously really cheap and it is approachable due to its easy-to-use nature even for people who are beginners in building hardware. The next big thing is that its small (pun intended). It is so tiny that it can fit in your jeans pocket (that’s a computer I’m talking about!). It is a quarter of the size of Raspberry Pi; therefore, a quarter the size of your credit card for a more realistic comparison.

It has integrated Wi-Fi and onboard flash storage meaning you don’t have to fidget around with installing stuff which always is a pain. It runs applications- like every other computer- where you have pre-installed apps, but also more options from the App Store. You can even build and share apps on this little thing. It can be programmed with whatever language you prefer such as .phh, C++, etc. It has its own ‘Onion cloud’ which enables you to control it using Web UI and view its status in real-time. It’s always connected! In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi, there are also built-in expansions including Cellular data, Bluetooth and GPS that you can add to your projects.

The uses for this tiny genius are endless- home automation, learning to code, digital art, Wi-Fi media server, robotic technology, streaming music and etc. From the simplest to the smartest of uses! I should have successfully proved that the Onion Omega2 in fact a real computer. Else, you might want to try one out for yourself- it’s only $5!

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