As previously and has always been seen in the emoji world, we have the men swimming and cycling whereas the women only get to do her nails and look pretty. This, however, is changing!

Every part of the world is getting more in acceptance with how woman is an equal gender to man and how women are given equal rights- may it be to vote, get equal salary as man or even fixing bikes at common households. However, most of us didn’t even realise that so we have a gender biased texting system but Google on the other hand, did realise this and the official new set of emojis are on their way.

Google designers petitioned against such a biased system and has supported gender inclusive emoji world. The designs for the new emojis are in place where they have already received the Unicode approval but are yet to deploy these new emojis. It will take a bit of times but they are officially on their way.

The new emojis includes the different skin-coloured emojis that make each and every one of us stand up proud about who we individually are. It also includes 11 new emojis where women are based on different professions including rockstar, business woman, teacher, plumber, computer engineer, farmer, scientist, cook, graduate, mechanic and a doctor. As we can already see, these emojis would have been all men if launched a few years ago, but now, they are all women due to the accepting world we have today!

Therefore, as we look forward to this wonderful new thought in play, we should all take a moment to appreciate Google designers for starting such a petition and making all of this happen.

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