Facebook owned Whatsapp has been testing the two step verification feature for several months now and is finally made available for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft users. This feature allows the user to verify the number when they install Whatsapp in another device.

Users will have to create a six digit password when they are using the feature and this password enables them to verify their number when they install whatsapp on other devices.

To use this new security feature the users have to enable the feature first. They have to enable by going to Whatsapp-> settings-> account-> two step verification-> enable and there you have enable another step of security. After this the user has to provide a six digit passcode and  can also provide an email address to recover your account or number if you forget your passcode. Providing an email address is optional.

The company says, “the email address will allow whatsapo to send a link through the mail to disable the two step verification in case you forget your pass code and also safeguard the account.

As the provided email address is not verified for its accuracy users are advised to give the correct email address. If this feature is enabled you’d phone will not be allowed to reverify on the app within seven days of last using whatsall with your passcode.


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