Facebook owned Whats App enhances its status feature. From the leaked-out images we come to know that the new feature looks identical to Snap Chat Feature. WhatsApp to stay relevant, surprisingly brought this new feature in its messaging app.

As per WA Beta Info Tweeted the text space for status option on IOS Beta App has been upgraded. Users can share Videos, Photos, GIF Images in the Status Space. Rumor mills say that these Videos, Photos or GIF Images uploaded will vanish after 24 hours.

This New Status feature is expected to launch with WhatsApp version 2.17.5, which the prominent leakster claims, and will be available via the Apple App Store in next few days. Android Handset users will be getting this new functionality in the future.

Presently, a single line of text can be displayed in the space left for status option just to know whether the person is available or not. Addition of Images, Photos and Videos helps in boosting up the app via this new feature. These new features are currently tracked within its iPhone Beta Software.

Added WhatsApp has come out with few more New Updates
• New private settings menu, allows WhatsApp users to set who can watch and interact their status updates.
• WhatsApp Web users will soon be able to Star, Delete and Forward Multiple Links and Documents. A feature that was previously possible only with media.
• It also introduces the ability to Cancel, Recall or Edit Message that has been delivered to contacts sent accidentally/ typing mistakes, which reduces a lot of confusion.


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