Now a days sending emoji has become a new trend to communicate with people. Whatsapp who introduced a new set of emojis for both Android and iOS last year, is set to release more new emojis for Android irrespective of the version.

The new emoji Unicode 9.0 is available for beta version of  Whatsapp version 2.17.44. For now emojis are available in beta Whatsapp until they are released in stable channel.

The new cluster of emojis include a clown, an avacado, a girl and a boy doing a facepalm and a shrug, a butterfly, a bacon, a nauseated face, a whiskey glass, a dancing boy etc,. Apple and Google have Unicode 9.0 emojis in iOS 10.2 and Android Nougat 7.1.

Whatsapp is letting users of all version of Android to use these new emoticons.To get started immediately the beta version of whatsapp is available, all you gotta do is  go to Google Play Store app, go to app lists, scroll down to “become a beta tester”, then the whatsapp beta version can be downloaded.

Google is supporting Android Nougat notifications, in which the unread messages are displayed first unlike the ones which you use. So Whatsapp users new emojis awaits.


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