Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology in which a software is used  to generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment and simulate a user’s physical presence in this environment. These VR headsets are to be used as therapeutic equipment to treat various mental illness such phobias and addictions.

In certain phobia cases, if the people are exposed to those stuff which they are afraid of they can sometimes overcome that particular phobia. A Lithuanian firm, TeleSoftas, which is involved in developing mobile apps believes that with the help of a health professional, treatment through VR Headsets can be achieved.

Algirdas Stonys, CEO, TeleSoftas, told AFP at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, that,”With virtual reality you can create audiovisual therapies in a safe environment for phobics.” The company has also received EU funding for it to work on apps for mental illness. Psious is a Spanish start up which is also similar to this field.

These firms will develop apps for such phobic, depressed, addiction cases which the psychotherapists will download them and use for treatment. The consulting environment will be altered according to the necessity of the Virtual Reality concept developed for various phobias. That is the consulting room may undergo certain changes both mechanically and physically in order to increase the difficulty of the exercise. For example if one has vertigo the VR headsets will make the person feel that he or she is in a lift that goes up and down along with which the floor might be made transparent to increase the difficulty.

Psious raised close to a million euros ($1.1 million) in 2015, and provides the technology to 600 doctors, based in Spain. It is currently going through nine clinical trials with universities to get long-term technical data assistance.

TeleSoftas,  will be able offer virtual environments to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic syndromes, alcoholism or smoking and many other diseases related to mental health.

So this is the contribution of technology in the field of medicine.


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