I bet you’d always thought self-driving cars were a thing of the future, well, not anymore. Today in Tempe, Arizona, Uber has a self-driving pilot program! One of the Uber operational specialists named, Ghorbanian, was quoted saying, “It’s amazing to see these cars picking up passengers after more than two years of development.” That’s right, by themselves! Uber has chosen the Volvo XC90’s, and as a safety precaution, will still have an, operator, you can call them, just to make sure everything is working properly. The cool thing about these self-driving Uber cars, is that they also show the passengers in the back seat all of the senor radars and monitors. Uber is just one of many other companies working on autonomous vehicles, but it is delightful to hear that they are already ready, and on the roads and working so effeciently.

“It’s actually very streamline,” Ghorbanian was quoted saying, “we use a host of sensors, cameras, lights and radar in order to detect the environment around us and be able to detect objects, predict their behavior and act accordingly in order to maintain a safe bubble around the car.” Isn’t that neat! One of the passengers even had stated that the SUV drove smoothly, and navigation was a breeze, regardless of the buzzing streets in the downtown area of Tempe. The car was easily able to switch speeds appropriately according to traffic, and even rolled to a gentle stop at stop signs and traffic lights.

What do you think about autonomous vehicles? Do you think they are safe? Would you ever ride in an autonomous vehicle? What kind of laws do you think should go along with these autonomous cars? Do you feel that with these smart cars, or autonomous cars, they would be easier for hackers to break into and steal? Don’t forget to like, share, and comment below!

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