Uber finally decided to cave in and fall into accordance with California state laws. Uber had originally shown a little attitude, and pulled their vehicles off the street of California, and moved them to Arizona where they were eventually tested, and happened to be successful. They will need to apply for the stated mandated permit for their products to be on the streets of California. No more trips to Arizona for Uber. Their original argument was that there was always going to be a person present and available at the wheel, ready to take over in the event of an emergency or glitch. Unfortunately for Uber, the California DMV disagreed, and the registrations for the SUV’s were all withdrawn and revoked. The $150 permit is a small price to pay for their ambitions.

Many of Uber’s vehicles were already tested in Arizona, and Governor Doug Ducey welcomed them in to test without any such permit. Customers who use Uber in Tempe now actually have the option to select whether they would like to be picked up by a self-driving Uber. Not to fear, as stated before, these vehicles still have a human in the driver’s seat in the event that something doesn’t go as planned.

Uber has officially stated that it will be doing testing in California once again, as opposed to in Arizona. Interestingly enough in London, there seem to be some legalities setting Uber back. London is claiming that the Uber drivers must be able to pass an English language Exam in order to measure their reading and writing skills. Uber is fighting that motion with the argument that it would cause 33,000 London drivers to lose their licenses.

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