We have different operating systems for different devices based on the company and method of operation etc,. As we tend to change the device irrespective of the operating system, the work of transferring the data from current device to another device with a different OS, becomes a great task. So to make things easier, Microsoft has introduced a new software, named as Mac to Surface assistance. There has been no official announcement about the data transfer software, but a few tweets from twitter spread the news about the software.

In this software, data transfer is done by transferring all the data into a zip file and then transfers it to the other device. To use this software first download the software and then follow the steps as directed by the software and install the software.

After the installation a dialog box opens up displaying all the things that the Mac to Surface assistant can do. After that, when you click on “continue” the software will allow you to select all the folders, documents, media files, etc, and does the zip file transfer and asks for a destination disk. After the destination disk is set the ZIP file gets saved in that particular file.

Among all the data transfer and storage tools, Mac to Surface assistant has its own place because of its neat interface and simple methodology. But Cloud storage users must find it rather different. Users mostly prefer to store their data on Cloud services such as Google Drive, One Drive etc,. But for those who prefer SD cards, CDs, and other hard disks this Mac to Surface assistant is just the one for them.


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