Yahoo has updated its version of the mail app. In the updated version you can identify callers who call you.  The update has caller I’d and photo update features which help in identifying the caller from the email contact list and could also access the desktop photo camera roll for identifying. The updated version for Android is 5.13 available in Google Play and for iOS it is 4.13 available in the app store.

The contact information from the email is used and as the user calls the name will surface with the call and yahoo mail will update the contact details either in the call history or when u dial. To use this feature go to settings> phone> call blocking and identification> toggle switch for yahoo mail> save.

The recent camera roll photos will be available when the Yahoo mail account is accessed on the desktop, when the photo update feature is enabled. Open the Yahoo mail app irrespective of Android or iOS, go to settings> photo upload> tap upload photos toggle. Now the callers can be easily identified.


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