The Federal communications commission to regulate our broadband privacy! They weren’t too happy with the Obama administration’s rules that rolled out just this past year. The Obama administration rules stated that the broadband providers are apt to a stricter liability than the websites. This was considered something good for the big providers like AT&T Inc, Comcast Corp as well as Verizon Communications Inc.

The rules that were FCC approved were actually given the green light back in October. Their sole purprose was to protect private customer data. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman appointed by President Donald Trump, was quoted saying the it was his belief that all “online space” should follow the same rules, rather than giving a preference to some websites rather than others. It’s Pai’s intention to put a hault to the layout of the data security rules, according to Wigfield, the spokesman of FCC.

These rules would ensure that the internet service provider be held responsible to stricter requirements than websites such as Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc, or even Alphabet Inc’s Google. The ISP would need to gather consent from the customer before enabling geo-location, anything in regards to financial information, health or children information, as well as web browsing history for advertising and internal marketing. Customers would even have an option to opt out of giving their email address information.

Democratic FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said in a statement Friday that “Chairman Pai is determined to take action that leaves consumers without a cop on the beat protecting their personal information from misuse by their broadband service provider.” Many U.S. Congress also dislike Pai’s action against the FCC’s rules.

Republican commissioners including but not limited to Mr. Pai said in October, “The rules unfairly give websites the ability to harvest more data than service providers and dominate digital advertising.” Pai said in October the FCC “adopted one-sided rules that will cement edge providers’ dominance in the online advertising market.” Google and Facebook account for about two-thirds of all digital ad revenue. With Google and facebook already owning two-thirds of the digital advertisement business, it does seem like an effort to ensure these tech giants never do have competition.

What do you think? Do you think the FCC has the right to make these kinds of claims? Is Pai right? Should all  the websites be subjected to follow the same rules without preference? Like, comment, and share!

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