Wikileaks blows the whistle on CIA cyber weapons and tools. They have obtained pieces of code, as well as documents that support the notion that secret tools have been and are being developed in private in order to rob other secrets from adversaries, individuals, and even foreign governments. The CIA might have been known for an agency that just likes to recruit spies and send them abroad, and install them into foreign governments, but that’s not so much the case now. Nowadays, the CIA had developed a super strong point of focus in the cyber department. In the documents which were uncovered by Wikileaks, we can see everyday things which we all use, such as: Iphones, Androids, Tablets, Ipads, and even so much as Smart TV’s which are used as a means to collect information. Any of these devices can act as a recorder or even a camera. They are being used as monitoring devices. There is still a question of authenticity in regards to the documents, however many professionals claim that they seem legitimate. Many people are still going through the data. There are approximately ten thousand plus documents. This is definitely going to have a negative impact for many people.

Safe communications are truly a thing of the past. These everyday things which we all use are being used as a means for espionage. It’s even stated that encrypted applications have also been compromised. If you think the espionage is only outside of the United States, think again. Any owner of a smart device is subjected to be monitored, via recordings or even microphone. The Patriot Act passed back in the early 2000’s indicated that the government only needed a probably cause to monitor potential suspects. A huge collection of private data is being collected at all times. So be careful friends and family, all of our electronic smart devices are indeed vulnerable to CIA hacking, and even other hackings as well. There are certain things that you can do to help prevent an hacker, CIA or not, from at least recording you. Make sure to keep your cameras covered, especially in your Smart TV’s. You can do the same for your laptops. It’s slightly difficult with your smart phones, but just keep in mind it can be activated at anytime, without any permission or indication, which is the truly scary part. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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