Nowadays the trend setters are the ones taken back from our olden golden days. There has been many such cases starting from the relaunch of 3310. Similarly Samsung also wanted to bring back some old school memories. Samsung has designed an S Pen that looks exactly like the iconic Noris pencil in colaboration with Staedtler.

The S Pen is specially designed for Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy book. These devices can detect 4096 levels of pressure and can be used to write and draw with the help of these brand new S pens.

There is no comfort compared to the comfort of writing in a pencil, and for today’s notebooks such as tablets and digital notebooks we need a digital pen to write smoothly and one such pen in the form of an iconic pencil is the Staedtler Stylus.

A few minuses of the digital pencil are, its design is clumsy, heavy and flimsy to hold, and while testing itsmade plastic body creaking sounds. Hence, the bottomline is that S Pen actually feels like a pencil.

Staedtler said, “We believe that analogue skills, such as writing, drawing and crafting play a necessary and complementary role in the digital world as they build a foundation for human development. With the Noris digital for Samsung, Staedtler can build a bridge between these two worlds.”

Both the companies have not yet released any information regarding its price or about its release dates. But thanks to Samsung and Staedtler for bringing back an amazing old school memory at this period of time.


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