After a long five years, it appears Sony finally is coming to terms with the colossal failure back in 2011. The biggest Play Station Network security breach ever. Unfortunately, close to 80 million consumer’s information was compromised. Being a Play Station user myself, this was a very unsettling time. I’m not much of an Xbox fan, however, I’m glad to say that Xbox has something called a two-step authentication, and has had it since 2011. Sony is now adapting that very same security measure. Better safe than sorry I guess, even five years too late.This two-step authentication is now available from PlayStation’s update to version 4.80. Sources from within Sony state, “In order to further safeguard our users and their accounts, we are preparing to offer a 2-step verification feature.”


Sony’s Tuomas Tonteri tweeted for the first time about Sony’s new security feature. It’s a possibility that the PlayStation crowd decreased after the 201 scandal, and thus Mr. Tonteri is broadcasting Sony’s new authentication process. We can expect to see coverage for all PSN accounts utilized from PlayStation3, PlayStation4, PlayStation Vita, and even the PSN website and PlayStation mobile app. The irony of this particular situation is that this is the five-year anniversary of the horrible April 2011 security breach on Sony.

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