Google Home and Amazon Echo – smart speakers are about to receive a new update in the near future. They will receive a voice calling update maybe later this year. But before the feature rolls out to the users both the companies would have to look into a few concerns which could lead to its disadvantages such as user privacy and telecom regulations.

The Wall Street Journal said in a report that, “allowing Google Home and Amazon Echo is the next logical step in Artificial Intelligence powered home devices.”

Both the smart speakers now locally record the audio before replacing it with a new audio file, but, users will not be happy if their conversations over phone is recorded in cloud. So the companies will have to work on this issue.

Hence, inspite of recording the calls Amazon will record only the dialled numbers and the call’s duration and since the Google voice app does the similar metadata collection, it is also expected to do the same.

Unlike other smart speakers, who get the calling feature via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Amazon’s Echo has two ways of calling either the speaker will be provided with a unique number with call forwarding feature such that smartphones could attend the call or the user can sync the contacts with the speaker. Either way the speaker gets the voice call feature.

There are a few more difficulties such as, switching calls from smart speakers to phone and vice versa, ending calls will require a trigger switch, placing 911 emergency calls etc,.

But after all these issues if the two giants Google and Amazon succeed in providing such smart speakers a new revolution in voice calling will take place.


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