In this budding world of social media, we have another member who let’s you share your favourite places with your contacts. Google Maps is keen in providing this new feature which allows the user to share and recommend places without quitting the app.

The company says, “Now you can create your own list of places, share it with others from your contact and follow the list of places of your friends and family when shared with you.” Its going to be fun to get to know about what kinda places your friends like to go or maybe even you could plan a surprise visit to that particular place with your friends.

The famous app for maps, one among the frontiers has now thought about taking forward the map app with the idea of social media. This could bring a lot of different experience while using the app. This feature is available for both Android and iOS

This brand new feature allows the user to create their  own wishlist to visit those places to which they have never been before. There are various categories of recommendations such as your favorite places famous for Street food, fashion, visiting spots, art,  movie theatres and so on. You can also create a list for “weekend getaways” you can also preplan your trip using the app with the new feature. The company also said that the list feature can be accessed when offline with offline downloaded maps to view and edit the list.

To create the list users have to open ‘Your places’ from the menu, open ‘saved’ and then click the plus sign in the blue circle on the bottom right corner. To create a new list select ‘create new list’ option after opening the particular place on the map. To edit any of your lists go to ‘your places’ open saved tab and from the three dot menu select edit and edit the list. There you have it lists of your own. Enjoy creating and sharing lists with your friends.



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