Google, recently announced that Android users can now search via Google Drive from Google search itself, as the search has  “in apps” section which allows the user to search within the apps installed in the user’s device. The Google Drive app update leads to its search option at this section of the app.

In a release note, Google said, “Simply type your query and tap the “In Apps” tab to view any Drive files relevant to your search. Select those files to open them in the appropriate app.” The Firebase app which was added by Google, will allow the user to search through the search tab and the related files and documents will be displayed as results.

This feature will be made available for the users gradually, as the featured app will be rolled out to all and the visibility potential will be longer upto three days starting this Thursday. The Google search app’s, alpha release of version 6.13, has brought Google search assistance to non pixel smartphones, along with the ability to add payment information to Google Assistant on Pixel smartphone, improved online search and Lite mode on the app which are all added advantages of the app.

This search feature stands to be a plus point in many ways, it searches the Drive and lets us know about the documents and files and folders we possess in our Drive irrespective of the type of file.


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