It’s looking like a shaky start to the new year already with Samsung dropping from 42 slots down in reputation via the polls since 2016. Considering the Galaxy Note 7 horrific halt due to spontaneous battery fires, we can’t exactly say we’re shocked. The American customers have spoken and their not pleased. The worst part about this Galaxy Note 7 is that it was recalled twice! A worldwide recall is messy, but two times really did them in and ruined the reputation of the good Samsung.

Shockingly enough, Samsung also experienced problems with the washing machines exploding! The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission even issued several warnings regarding this product. It’s truly terrifying to think that our favorited Samsung devices can turn on us in the blink of an eye. We can at least take comfort in knowing that Lee Jai-Yong, the heir of the company, is being held responsible for the mishaps, and it is confirmed that an arrest warrant has officially been issued for him.

Samsung has really opened our eyes to the dangers of lithium-ion batters, which are practically in all of our devices, from laptops, to new smart phones, and even our cameras. Hopefully this huge wakeup call will raise the bar for other phones or electronic devices with Lithium-ion batteries. LG for one, is doing all in their power to ensure that their devices don’t endure the same demise as the late Galaxy Note 7.

Sadly, as a Samsung fan, I’m sad to say that Samsung no longer holds the top 10 brands as far as the U.S. is concerned. We’ve seen cases of people’s legs catching on fire, people getting electrocuted while talking on the phone while it charges, to even factories catching on fire, because of these pesky faulty Lithium-ion batteries which Samsung has created. I have to say, I’m very deterred and disappointed in the lack of quality Samsung has demonstrated throughout 2016. It’s not only terrible business, but has very well changed some people’s life for the worst. I do hope the best for the company however, and I do think that Samsung has had a great legacy until now. Hopefully, they can think of some way to save themselves from this deep plunge. It’s truly not the Samsung we are used to seeing. At least Samsung still has a solid fan base that still supports them, but the numbers seem to be dropping drastically with each mishap. What do you think about Samsung? Does this past year undo years of great innovative design and genius?

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