Amazing news for all the gamer fans! Samsung is stepping it up this year with the tech gear! Samsung is rumored to be bringing out with a controller to go along with its already established Samsung Gear VR headset. A few suggestive statements were made on what the device might look like.

The current Samsung Gear VR is accompanied with a touchpad, located on the ride side of the device. This feature has allowed navigation to be possible, and it is also for managing the required smartphone while the VR headset is in use. According to the FCC filing, it goes on to state that the new controller would totally replace the touchpad altogether. It also comes with a cool new design which will make controlling complicated games and apps, all the easier.

Sadly, the FCC filing failed to mention what the exact design of the device would be, however, there was a vague sketch which was given from the back end of the device. According to Galaxy Club, the controller seems to be similar to Google’s Daydream controller. It’s assumed that the controller will be able to connect with the Gear VR headset with Bluetooth connection capabilities. Now, more than ever, there is high emphasis on the virtual world, and having handy tech available to help us navigate through these worlds is amazing.

Now, you might be thinking, wait a minute, there are already a ton of other controllers for the Gear VR headset, but nothing quite from Samsung themselves. This could possibly be Samsung leveling up with the competition out there, or even possibly, Samsung trying to make a comeback from the horrific year it had during 2016. From exploding washing machines, to phones and laboratories catching fire, it’s good to see that Samsung hasn’t completely left the game, and they are continuously striding to make quality products which are on demand.

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