As per Reports Google will sell 3 Million Devices and estimates to produce a profit of around 2 Billion Dollars by this year end 2016. Morgan Stanley thinks that Google will be selling around 5-6 Million Pixel Smartphones in 2017 and is expected to make a revenue of around 4 Billion Dollars.

After the final exit of Galaxy Note, most of us believe that Google Pixel smartphone will take up the place of Galaxy and off course it turns out be real in case of Google. As per reports from Business Insider, Morgan Stanley, says “Google Pixel Handset will be half as successful for Google as the i-Phone is to the Apple.” Added it says that Google will make profit apart from just selling the Google Pixel Smartphone. Morgan believes Google will be able to drive “Android User Monetization.”

When it comes to comparison between Apple i-Phone and Google Pixel, Apple i-Phone profits are higher selling over 200 million devices in 2016 itself. Regarding this Google has already stated that it will take long time when it comes to Google Pixel Smartphone and this is not a one-off project. Even during the launch Brian Rakowski, VP Product Management at Google, had told select media, that people need to know that with they’re going to get a great phone year after year, and they will just buy next year’s device. They will understand that it stands for high quality, the best product from Google and we’ve been wanting to do this for a lot of time.”

Across the country, Google Pixel Smartphone is available with great offers via Online Retailers. One such offer made by Flipkart is that customers can avail up to Rs. 26,000 on exchange of any current smartphone for Google Pixel Handset. Buyers with HDFC cards were also offered cash backs of up to Rs. 7,000. Here in India it holds a starting price of Rs. 57,000.

The high spot of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones is its built-in Google Assistant. The new AI-based assistant by Google helps us to be contextually aware about what’s happening on the smartphone. Users can have conversations with the AI and ask questions such as weather updates, distance from one place to the other along with traffic updates, and more. This is a major differentiating factor between the Pixel and all other smartphones, which impresses us the most.


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