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Hackers claimed that Jio chat, which is mobile messaging app of Reliance Jio Infocomm transfers data of the users in unsecured form to servers in China, but Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL) refused it.

AnonOpsIndia, a twitter account representing a group of hackers tweeted that they took apart Jio Chat app and found they were using Chinese geo-location map service, that shows they were using a geo-location which is China-based service. There is no encryption between the users of Jio chat and Chinese company, so its easy for the Chinese hackers to snoop over your data.

RJIL said that it was unfounded and malicious allegations against Jio Chat and said “Anonymous” posters raise false alarms by quoting items such as this out of context.” There is no Google Maps support in China, so for location based services a Chinese-based mapping service is needed. This is a common practice for any app to offer location-based services.

RJIL said that proper and complete examination of the code will show that the app doesn’t transmit data to any servers outside of India. Hackers found that Jio Chat transfers data in HTTP format, which is susceptible to hacking.

The hacker found some programming code written in Chinese script and questioned why would Indian engineers write debug ligs in Chinese? RJIL said that the service is fully encrypted using standard protocols and the encryption levels are further enhanced.

Jio Chat is developed by develops across the world that includes India as well. These developers use its native language in writing comments, so that thy could understand easily. There is no language, race, nationality on working on products with talents.

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