Google’s driverless cars met a decline in progress, in 2016 almost to its half. In 2015 the disengagement release was upto 241 which came down to 124 in 2016. 

Law: Every company that has a state permit to test autonomous vehicles in California must report how many times a driver had to intervene, says the annual report by California Department of motor vehicles.

Waymo:”Disengagements are a natural part of the testing process that allow our engineers to expand the software’ s capabilities and identify areas of improvement.”

Software discrepancies, unwanted manoeuvres of the vehicle and perception discrepancies wee the major reasons for human interventions.Cruise,a start-up leading General Motors’ autonomous driving development, improved its testing in San Francisco. 414 disengagements in almost 10,000 miles of driving in 2016.For some companies the records show a very small amount of mileage covered by the autonomous cars.

In other US states the public disclosure is not required. Ford has driven 590 miles in 2016 with two autonomous cars in California. BMW recorded only one disengagement in 638 miles. Google is hence working for more progress in driverless cars.


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