As it has been recently noted, some of the high profile twitter accounts including the CEO of twitter, Jack Dorsey. As Pokemon Go has been the recent hit of the technology world, the group OurMine, have managed to make their statement by compromising the account of Ninatic CEO, John Hanke.

John Hanke is the creator of the new game in town that is breaking all records of downloads on PlayStore and AppStore: Pokemon Go. This virtual reality interactive game allows you to hunt for Pokemon in your own street, town, country! Since it’s origin, it has been the cause to many crazy happenings including people quitting jobs and mysteries unfolded. It has got people out of the house, on the road running, again. This massive fame might have what attracted OurMine to John Hanke’s twitter account. The password was ‘nopass’. What on earth? The creator of a world record breaking game could not think of a password!

OurMine is a group of hackers from Saudia Arabia, as already said, and is claiming to show people that they need to improve their security and how careless they are with their personal security being highly important people in the technological society . When they advice us to increase our security levels with highly confidential and hard passwords on their websites, we expect them to have done it first. However, this hasn’t been the case. They have targeted the CEOs of social networking sites to prove this very point that we should be very careful of our virtual life and anyone could come into it without our permission.

Therefore, it is highly appropriate for us all to switch to strong passwords and make sure we don’t use the same password for all our online accounts.

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