Barack Obama the current President of United States of America has made a report demanding the Hacking records of the Election. As his period ends by Jan 20th, he forces the records to be submitted before the date.

Obama and Homeland Security Adviser Lisa Monaco made an announcement in a breakfast arranged by Christian Science Monitor, that “We may be crossed into a new threshold and it is incumbent upon us to take stock of that, to review, to conduct some after-action, to understand what this means, what has happened and to impart those lessons learned”

Russian Government has been blamed by the U.S Intelligence Officials for hacking into Democratic Officials and Political Committees. Meanwhile, several Democratic Senators questioned to declassify the particulars of the attack and on what basis Russia was concluded behind this attack.

As a reply to Obama, Monaco addressed in an interview to the reporters that the review and the findings of the Members of Congress will be submitted to Barack Obama The President of U.S.A with “a range of stakeholders” which will not be into public view.

“That’s going to be first and foremost a determination that’s made by the intelligence community,” she said. “We want to do so very attentive to not disclosing sources and methods that may impede our ability to identify and attribute malicious actors in the future.”

All these and Monaco made a caution quote with a stressed-out tone about the Internet-related dangers, mentioning that it’s one of the most significant issue for the National Security at this specific time of the new Administration. Then came the interesting part in which Trump’s team was spoken out to be “inherit a rapidly growing threat in this space across all dimensions,” which she included intrusions from both “Hacktivities” and “Criminal Actors”

It is also said clearly that before the Election was announced Hackers related to the Russian Government made frequent attacks on the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the other Political based Organizations. Continuing with hacking e-mails of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign, Chairman John Podesta and several Political staffs. All the e-mails hacked were posted publicly on WikiLeaks causing a pre-electional drawbacks for Clinton’s campaign.

The media also quotes that this Hacking attack may be the cause of Hillary Clinton’s loss in the Presidential Election. However, now all that matter is the report that Adviser Monaco of the Homeland Security to the President Barack Obama on or be for the deadline which is the day when Barack Obama walks out of the White House as an ordinary Citizen of the U.S.A.

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