5G has now been officially taken as the term for next generation wireless technology by 3GPP cellular standard groups. The new logo of 5G was given a thumbs up by its organizational partners. LTE advanced pro design is set to derive the new logo of 5G.

The new design with plain black text and featured waves is to keep the similarities between the previous generations, says 3GPP.

The 5G wireless technology will take time to set its foot on the roads, mostly to be released by the end of 2018. There will be two phases based on which 5G will be released. Phase 1 will be released earlier and Phase 2 will take time for its completion and is expected to be released by 2020. The wireless technology will have a bandwidth range higher than 4G and more faster. It will suffice all the net quantities to start the ”Internet of Things”. IoT will be expected to run easily on 5G. 3GPP, adds that, “The use of the logo on 3GPP specification cover sheet is intended to help the industry at which point of time 5G features will appear.”

After the release of phase-1 of the wireless technology, many more advancements will be done in order to improve quality and standard. Intel, Qualcomm, Nokia, Samsung have already released the devices which support this technology.


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