Lenovo released a new book called as yoga book. We all knew the term Yoga means, we can bend it at any direction. Yes, but when it comes to tablet you can flip both sides. When they designed this Yoga book, all they have idea is about to make a tablet that must look and work like a book. What else we can do with a book? We can open it, read it, write on it takes not one and we can draw in it too.

lenovo-yoga-bookYes, that’s the main concept of this Yoga Book. You can write, text, type, draw and more. Well there is a surprise too. There is no keyboard in this tablet. You may have a quick question popped up in your head. Yes, you are absolutely right, how the hell we gonna type something in this tablet.

The surprise in this tablet is fully designed with touch operations. One touch simple user-friendly usable tablet. The touch sensitive in this tablet is extremely good and you don’t miss anything while you type or write.

Specification of New Lenovo Yoga Book:

  • 10.1-inch display
  • Atom processor
  • 64gb storage
  •  4GB ram
  • Battery use upto 15hrs
  • 8mp camera
  • Size (9.6 mm) thick metal shell

It comes up with two version

Windows 10 and Android model.

So you can use this tablet as your personal pc too. Easy to carry and small in size and more features in it.

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