Facebook, the telecom giant, in its previous versions introduced the auto play videos that is if a video is displayed then it plays automatically without sound. Now, in the latest update of Facebook, the videos do play automatically but the added feature is, it plays automatically with sound.

Many of us would be wondering that, whether this update will tend to result in a positive or negative manner. Well, that differs from  Person to person, some may like the videos along with sound and some may not. For those who do not like the videos to play automatically with sound, there is a way to switch it off. You just have to follow a few steps. All you have to do is make changes in the “videos in the news feed start with sound.” 

If you are an iPhone or iPad user go to menu> settings> account settings> sound> videos in news feed start with sound and then turn the sound off.

If you are an Android user, then in the Facebook app go to menu> app settings> disable videos in News feed play with sound. 

If you use Facebook in your desktop, then you will have to mute their operating system, or you could also download Automute which mutes all the tabs in Chrome. You could also not let any of the videos autoplay, just by disabling the autoplay option in the settings.


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