Just earlier today we heard from the CEO of the tech giant, Microsoft. Satya concluded during the small speech that digital technology should be used to not only expand on Indian businesses, and Indian related initiatives, but to also evolve and expand to be used to help a wider variety of Indians, instead of just the IT world. Microsoft has released a “lite” variation of their new video interaction platform Skype.

“If digital technology is only the purview of the large businesses and the start-ups, I think that is not sufficient for an economy to make progress,” the CEO was quoted saying at the event, ” We can celebrate technology, but if it doesn’t truly empower every Indian and every Indian organization to achieve more…we would have achieved nothing.” They have brought what is called the “Sangam” platform into play, which is entirely a derivative of LinkedIn, which also happens to be Microsoft’s networking site. The purpose of this is to assist workers with other vocational skills more access to opportunities for work. They have even decided to add in a new feature named “Placements”, which will give Indian students the ability to obtain positions more fair way, based on their expertise. This could particularly be very beneficial, especially for Indian students because of the fact that there is so much competition. Finding a job after graduation is always a challenge. On another note, the company also plans to provide some sort of skills training for people who want to learn a trade as well, that however is only in the development stages. With over 39 million members just from India, this “lite” platform will be able to run at even 2G speeds, and for anyone who’s experienced Indian internet service, that is really a must.

Nadella continued to praise the company’s labors and advancements on Aadhaar too, and even mentioned that “India Stack” is really inspiring a lot of innovative thinking within the company. If you didn’t already know, India Stack is a big part of the #DigitalIndia program, which its goal purpose is to digitalize India, and utilize technology and information as something truly beneficial for Indians. The government has even revamped an application programming interface policy.

With over 9 different Indian languages available, Skype lite has a built in Aadhaaar identity facility. It can assist establishments with background checks for example, for interviews and more. Nadella foresees much more in store, and many more advances to come. Nadella is also pushing for a digital village, which would include banking, public distribution systems, classrooms, vocational training and education, payments, and much more.

What do you think? Would expanding LinkedIn’s profiles and skill-set help the Indian community? What about the “placement” feature for students? Do you think it can help? What about the digital village concept? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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