We’ve come a long way in technology such that we depend on digital gadgets to read books which are known as ebooks. In order to make the experience of reading ebooks a better and “smarter” one, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) have decided to sign a merger so that the ebooks can render not only textual reading but also online information, interaction, quiz, etc,.

The merger technology between W3C and IDPF is to bring web technology to ebooks, and to make book authors use web technology in such a manner that the reading experience is interactive as well as the one with more features other than reading. The idea is to make readers access vast information available in the world wide web, as reading alone is a linear model.

“By combining our organisations, we not only align our technology roadmaps, but also accelerate the adoption of content that is natively accessible and device-friendly for all types of publishing, whether you are reading on the Web or offline.”, says George Kersher, Chief Innovations officer, Daily consortium and IDPF president since 2010.

The organizations are planning to improve typography, layouts and hyphenation.The current EPUB 3 content is based on Web technologies like HTML while formatting is based on CSS.


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