Mapmy India, India’s leading Info System Ltd announced eLoc- A Nation Wide Digital Address System. eLoc’s main target is to make an easy and quick door step navigation. Digital Address System is basically a 6-character code ex: 9DYTGH inside which it stores all the address info.

Mapmy India Firm offers turn-by-turn navigation to the exact door step of the eLoc target. Digital address System helps to remove all the unwanted multiple addresses provided already which often leads to confusion /misspelt /having contradictory street/locality names.

Mapmy India claims that this eLoc Digital Eco System will be more beneficial to e-commerce business people who makes a door step delivery of products every now and then. It helps to save time and effort taken in search of customer’s address. It is already working with firms like Airtel, Colgate, Flipkart, OLX and more. The company is also open to partnership with other map service providers who can integrate the eLoc data and APIs into their own platform.

Mapmy India currently has generated over 2 crore eLocs across the country. Added customers can also add new eLoc address to its data base through its website or via its mobile app. This information provided will be approved by the company before they go live on its display place.


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