As per the evidence provided by the fortune, a separate organization after numbers of try has breached into the security of the U.S data base. It is also said that this organization is working for China

These hackers used a peculiar method of disguising themselves as a well-known partner, using it as a bridge to carry over the data and information of the U.S Law Firms. Which includes both inboxes and servers in a very easy way that the U.S firewall couldn’t trace or stop the Organization from entering.

One Firm complains that this action took place 94 days during march 2015. Also, came to know that the hackers have drained 7 Gigabyte of data. This data includes thousands of million emails, as per the records of Fortune.

This also revealed that the hacker has not yet done with their thefts, they came rapidly stalking around for more new information.  One of the reports by a Wall Street Journal about the hacks made over the Law Firms, that hackers had penetrated the computer networks of Cravath Swaine & Moore, Weil Gotshal & Manges and other unidentified firms. Which then was found to possess details of many world’s biggest companies and their privacy corporate information. Cravath, for instance, is representing Time Warner  (TWX -0.28% ) in its merger plans with AT&T  (T 1.61%) .

The journal also made clear of the motivation of the hacker. It was to Obsess the Information of the facilitate insider trading details. Cravath mentioned that there is no exposed information of any companies or being improperly used, while Weil Gotshal was totally against this comment.

While the first news of these hackers issue was made about the Law Firm, the source of the hackers was a suspense. Then the Fortune brought the Information from the reliable source that it was a larger breach by the initiatives of the Chinese Government. That made sure that the hackers targeted all the biggest U.S Companies and airlines at a larger scale.  It was also indicated that many individual hackers were also employed in connection with the Chinese Government all these took place in 2015, which was briefed by the Fortune.

Though the report by the Fortune was not that disclosing about the clear motive of the hackers, it certainly did expose the Names of the Law Firms. This hacking does involve the e-mails that hold the economic nature, intellectual property and acquisitions.

Multiple sources in law enforcement and at the law firms declined to go on record for this story, but confirmed the role of China in the email hacking campaign. The sources did not wish to speak publicly in part because the events are the subject of a confidential investigation.

The office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York launched the investigation earlier this year, and it is active and ongoing. A spokesperson for the office declined to comment. The hacking has made a major crash on the Law Firms, of their sensitive business strategy and the reputation of the confidentiality that leads to discretion. The attack of this Organization was on numerous Law Firms. As per the journal there was one particular Law Firm who was tried to hack and many inclusive of Cleary Gottlieb; Mayer Brown; Latham & Watkins; Covington & Burling; Davis Polk & Wardell. Some of the attacks made by these hackers were not that successful that the Law Firms made some high end Cyber Security making sure their data has not been stolen.

News was spread that many Law Firms have hidden their loss of privacy and have buried the fact of their hacked detail to maintain their reputation. As the Law Firms got the knowledge of these hacks they did upgrade their Hardware and security, but they did not come to know about the e-mail threat, which is called “spear-pushing” that targets partners with personalized e-mails. This the same trick that was used  by the hackers to penetrate through the former DNC Chairman John Podesta and Former Secretary of state Colin Powell, with also many celebrities.

By the time when this hacking has occurred in 2015, Barak Obama made a warning note to the Chinese Government to stop. Whilst president Xi Jinping called this as an act of aggression. In this situation came a worst news that a Russian hacker named Oleras was recruiting a gang of High Tech cyber Criminals to hack the Law Firms. But he was not found guilty as he was not involved in this act in 2015.

However still there are fresh attempts by the hackers. This may be just the beginning or the very end. U.S has now made some deadly security towards their cyber security after the incident of 2015.

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