Listening to music is something to which nobody will say no to. People love big boom headphones as it provides us with a beautiful music experience. One among  such headphones is AKG K72.

AKG’S K72 is for those people who are not ready to spend much money on headphones yet seek good quality headphones. K72 is less than 5000, its market price is even lesser around 3500.


Design: The best features of AKG K72 is it’s design and build quality, the rubber coating on the chord, soft pleather around the ear cup makes it worth buying under 5000. It is not as best as the expensive quality headphones, but it is definitely good compared to its coequals.

It also has a unique headband design, the headband is fixed made of thin wires of metal. There is an additional adjustable strap made of an elastic material, which adjusts itself when headphones are worn along with minimal pressure on your head.

The bass sometimes for certain songs overpowers the music and kills the song and for some songs the bass is just perfect. Keeping the price in mind, we wouldn’t expect much from AKG’s K72 but it’s quite worth it. If you are a random genre listener then K72 is just the one for you, but if you are into specific genres then K72 might not be the best choice.


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