Android Wear

Google has just upgraded their Android Device Manager service to be supportive of Android Wear. It means, it will help the users to locate their misplaced smartphone by using a smartwatch. Google said that the users need not do anything to update this feature because it will updated automatically to the users of Android Wear devices in the forth coming weeks.

To find your lost phone, one just need to say “Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone” or else use the “Find my phone” feature from the start menu. Following this, the smartphone will ring at their volume. If it is in the vicinity, the device will be quickly located.

Back in the month of August 2013, Google has commenced their Android Device Manager as an application and website to track lost phones and tablets. If one’s device is outside the earshot, the service lets you to spot the smartphone on a map. And if for some reason, the smartphone can not be traced, then Android Device Manager will help you in erasing all data from the device.

Google revealed that Android Device Manager has helped 0 million users in detecting their smartphones and tablets, since the launch.

Android Wear platform supports gesture control. This will enable users to flick their wrist to scroll through notifications and Google Now cards, finding a way to use the Watch without swiping on the screen or using voice commands.

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