ibm-linux-oneInternational Business Machine Corp IBM has launched all new Linux One exclusive Linux mainframe sever. For the mid range business the new Linux One Rockhopper and or the large scale business server has Linux One Emperor. According to IBM large enterprises can use up to 8,000 virtual machines and thousands of containers which will be the requirement for almost all the Linux Systems.

IBM Z13 mainframe computer is used in the Linux One Empire system which can handle high volume mobile transactions. Open source software such as Apache Spark, Maria, Posture and Chef are used in this new Linux One to make the user use it effectively. IBM has partnered with Canonical Ltd a UK based company to use Ubuntu open source in Z system and Linux One. IBM has planned to include the Merge Healthcare‘s medical imaging management platform which the company announced that it planned to include it to the Watson supercomputer.

This system analysis and understands all the questions that are asked in the common language and can compile large data volume without any problem and gives answer for the question with evidence. With this new feature the work of physicians and researchers will be reduced o minimum because this system provides the data about the patient with all the family history, trials, symptoms and the results stored in it in very few seconds.

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