Big news for Apple and iPhone fans, a super cool new facility has been added! Lookout Apple competition, things just got real this year. We’re looking at a gran ordeal of new upgrades that the iPhone never had before. For the iPhone 8, size matters! We’re talking the screen size, of course, but not just that. The iPhone 8 is expected to be the first ever phone to possess an OLED display, wow! We probably won’t get a firm confirmation until device is ready, later on this year towards September; However, the company’s providers have, off the record, given us the info through the grapevine.

Prospectors are predicting that the OLED screen change is going to end up hurting competitors since Apple will release the OLED displays as fast as this year, but CEO of LG Display, Mr. Han Sang-beom, believes that they have at least a couple more years before they hit the market on a grander scale. People predict that OLED screens will start to be produced in bulk toward the end of the year. The iPhone 8 model is estimated to possibly rake in at least 30% of iPhone sales in 2017 alone. So get ready iPhone lovers, the new phones are set to hit the stores in autumn, so get ready to that, along with the iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus!

What do you think of the OLED display Apple innovatively is adding this year? Do you like the bigger Apple phones, or were they better while they were smaller? Don’t forget to tell us what you think, comment, share, and like!

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