You heard it here first, Gigabit LTE is perceived to be the next best thing as far as wireless internet speeds go. Intel is officially on board to get things rolling this year. A new modem is to be announced by Intel by the name of “XMM 7560”. The cool thing about this new modem is that it has download speeds of up to 1 Gbps as well as upload seeds as fast as 225 Mbps! This modem is meant for most user friendly electronics such as, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more.


We can say goodbye to traditional speeds when it comes to this better and newer model. For all you computer geeks out there, one of the newer features will be carrier aggregations, for example. The VP of Intel’s mobile and communications group, Ms. Asha Keddy, was quoted saying that the company was able to obtain gigabit speeds in the real world, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been bamboozled before with advertisements that tell us something is for example 4G LTE capable, versus regularly 4G LTE speeds. The odds are most likely that we won’t see continuous 1 Gbps download speeds in everyday usage.


Now, there are slight disadvantages for now, in the newer technology, for example, they’re a bit ahead of its time, regarding being able to support the gigabit LTE at the moment. Although support is expected to come soon, it just isn’t available as of now. With that being said, phone hardware will be slightly advanced in that area. Another slight disadvantage is that right now; intel modems aren’t a very commonly used item on the market. With that being said, Qualcomm modems are pretty much in every kind of phone, so even though the gigabit LTE sounds promising, there is probably still a huge possibility that intel won’t be your first encounter with the gigabit LTE.

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