It’s totally mind-boggling how such practices can be allowed, but there is a line of internet-connected plush toys which has actually exposed information. This is just horrible security on their end. These stuffed animals are made by CloudPets, and the creepy thing is that they actually have the power to save and play voice messages sent through the internet. There are probably millions of voice recordings of our kids on that thing. Many people had a good use for these internet connected plush toys, such as families that have members in the military, or aren’t always able to be by their family member’s side. A quick upload of a voice clip of “daddy” and off to the child he goes. It’s truly a shame that since this past Christmas, the CloudPets server, including and not limited to sensitive information, such as login and password, as well as voice recordings, were left exposed! It was saved inside a vulnerable database, which was then very easily available to anyone via the internet who knew how to find it.
Security expert, Troy Hunt, was the first to report this problem. Interestingly enough, him and others have vigorously tried contacting CloudPets to inform them of this mishap, but unfortunately, have never heard back. CloudPets also denied face time with The Huffington Post as well. Part of the reason this is such a big deal, is the sensitive information that’s stored on these devices, or rather, stuffed animals. Everything from birthdays, names of children, relationships they hold, family member’s names, and information. Everything was totally available for the world to see. The audio clips from some of the bears were even available to listen to! There is even an option to download pictures and recordings. Just think about our children, this sounds really sick. CloudPets needs to be held accountable for this. Often times, we turn our heads away from things like this, but with today’s age, and all the human trafficking, as well as all the Pedophilia rings that are being exposed today, it’s important that we stay vigilant as a community to help fight off these kinds of things. We need justice and answers as to why our most intimate moments with our families are being broadcasted to for the world to see without our permission!
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