Google on Thursday has come out with a new app for children’s less than 13 years of age. This firm has developed an Android Based app mainly for children’s under 13. Through the ‘Family Link’ app parents can make a new Google Account for their offspring. This account is like their own personal account, through which parents can have control over the apps, their children’s use.

They can monitor their screen time and can also set bed time alarms on their device. Parents also have access to accept or block apps their kids wish to download from Google Play Store using this Family Link App. It also helps to monitor how much time children’s spend on their favorites with weekly/ monthly activity reports. When it is time to play/ study/ sleep parents have the access to lock their kid’s devices. This app loots some shares of Amazon Tablet Market which offers great kid controls on Kindle.

Steps need to follow to make use of this new Google Android App
• First a high end device that runs Android Nougat 7.0 OS is selected
• Download Family Link app
• Create a new Google Account for Children’s through this app

Pavni Diwanji, Vice President, Engineering, at Google stated that, “Parents across the US can request an invite to the Family Link early access programme. After receiving an invite, parents with kids under 13 years old can download and try the Family Link app.” He also added, “We’re just getting started, and we’ll be asking parents using Family Link for feedback about how to improve the experience before we make the app broadly available.”


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