Searching your phone for that one contact that you saved years ago, or that one address amongst the 100 other that you need to get to or even a YouTube video that you want to see again can be a bit of a pain when you have a few hundred apps and thousands of features within each app. This has been made easier with the new ‘In App’ search feature that is now enabled in Google.

This search helped you scan throughout the whole of your phone using keywords for specific contacts, messages, videos, photos, etc across all your applications including Gmail, Spotify, Youtube, etc. It was announced on 30th August 2016 and it would be available through an update of the Google app.

The good thing about it is that it is available offline where you don’t need mobile data or WiFi to actually utilise this feature. You can however, change the settings to avoid certain apps from the search results. It would be very efficient to use and it overtakes the traditional search that is available on all smart phones.

Google has declared that it will be adding more features for the apps in future such as Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, todoist and Google Keep. LG’s V20 smartphone is the first device with this feature already built into it, but it is available to all Android users through the ‘Google’ app update as previously stated.

This feature is said to be just a start into other new and creative features by Google. New such ideas can be expected to arise making lives easier.


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