Getting a driving license has become one of the biggest aims for teenagers these days. However, in another 3 years that wouldn’t be an aim at all because they won’t be the ones driving the car. It is going to be an autonomous machine that can think for itself. Yes, it will have an artificial conscience. Google, being an ever innovative company, has declared the release of their new killer idea which is a car that drives itself. Such a project in place means that it could be the new trendsetter when it reaches the market but it is not as easy as it seems due to 3 reasons

Expensive: The various components that is required for this piece of technology is highly expensive and the high intelligence man power needed is also going to be expensive as more intelligent people needed means more salary to be paid. The components are highly complicated pieces of equipment and it any of it is faulty, it would mean a life risk for the person in the car. At the end of the day, it is not in control of the person and that could mean fatal consequences if in unexpected circumstances that the artificial conscience cannot handle. This brings me to the next reason as to why this is more difficult.

Trust: As already explained, it is hard to decide whether or not to trust technology even in this 21st century. Technology that has been developed so far has only been something that stays within control of our senses but this is something out of what our senses are capable of controlling; something that is uncontrolled but it expected to be in control and within the safe zone. Therefore, there has been varying degrees of consumer trust for this product on the market.

Rules and Regulations of the Road: As this is going to be a revolutionary invention in terms of roads and rules, it is going to be a massive task ahead of every working body based on automobile technology and driving to change rules and make regulations based and with respect to this new pinnacle of creativity.

Therefore, this new spark in revolution will be a bit difficult to get access to the market and finally to the consumer. There are processes and tests ongoing as you read this article regarding this new invention. Once it is proven to be safe and trustworthy, it will be the break into new form of technology.

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