Google, who is the Internet giant joined their hands with UC Santa Barbara and team to launch super-fast quantum computing chips. Hartmut Neven, who is the Director of Engineering at Google shared that they have started working o project to create and build recent quantum details processors which rely on super-conducting electronics.

Right Now, all eyes are set to witness the day when machines would think like human beings. The day is not so far to see Quantum computers could work with an unimaginable high-speed and provide better performance than conventional computers built on silicon chips.

The concept depends on the performance of the atoms which process tasks that delivers high performance. Another company named D-Wave systems claims to be the first one in this segment to have commercially shipped quantum computers. 

Scientists are researching if the computer shipped by this start-up is actually a “quantum computer” as recent experiment results says that it did not perform any well than conventional computers while solving highly complex problems.

A team of  UC Santa Barbara have made a step closer to realizing the super-fast quantum computers, which are billion times more fast than today’s computers. Google has made a public statement that the team would continue to work with D-Wave scientists to experiment with Vesuvius machine at NASA Ames which would be updated to 1000 qubit Washington processor.

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