Android Police : Google is about to make a few changes and give the My apps sections a whole new look. This renovation section will bring a new set of features which are required and the unwanted features will be removed. The update will be a part of version 7.4 of Google play.

In the my apps section the options updates , installed and library are likely to be replaced in place of installed, all and beta options. As listed above the updates option will show what updates are available for the apps with details like size and time of the update. Just like the name “all ” option lists all the Apps currently available in the device.

Another feature which will be added is sorting in which the user can literally sort the list of apps in terms of alphabets, size, time etc,. The apps will be displayed like open icons and hence the user can launch the app directly from Google Play which is not available in the current version. The installed option shows the size of the app where as the update option shows the size if the update.

Google has its own shot in testing new features it ensures whether the feature is useful or not with a limited number if people before it reaches the crowd.


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