There’s to be a new toy on the market for all tech lovers. That’s right, Google has brought something to the table to compete with Amazon’s Echo, and AI named Alexa. Google’s AI smart speaker is called Google Home, and it’ll be available in the UK this year itself, approximately around June, records from BBC NEWS report to us. It is very clear that Google is gunning to beat the competition, and it looks promising from Google as well. Rick Osterloh, executive of Google, was quoted at a Mobile World Congress stating that they were “uniquely positioned” to overcome Amazon’s Echo.

“We’ve got so much history with people using our search products and people using voice queries through Android phones, that we’re able to much better answer these types of questions,” said Osterloh. “All this data really helps in us making sure we understand what the user is looking for.”

If you don’t already know, Google Home was actually already released on American markets last year, this past November in fact, reinforced with the Google Assistant. Similarly, to our friend Echo, Google Home can also answer simple questions, which would enable people to inquire about the weather, or maybe even other simple factual information. Since Amazon is ahead of the game in this department, Google Home will have to work hard to ensure they don’t lose the upper hand. Google Home has the ability remember the context of inquiries, so for example, you can continue off of another question without repeating the whole line. Hopefully Google moves fast though, it seems that just this past week, Amazon made an announcement that it just launched more than 10k skills for their digital assistant Alexa. That has been on the market in UK since last year.

What do you think about Google making their own version of Alexa? Which one is better in your opinion? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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