Malware has now become something which we all techies are aware of. Malware is a software which is designed to damage and disrupt a system. Reportedly Android has been continuously attacked by malware. Last December ‘Gooligan’, a malware attacked milllions of user’s accounts. A new type of malware was detected in around 132 apps from Google Play which have the potential to affect Windows users.

The internet security team said that, ” the apps, which were developed by several different people, managed to hide HTML-based iframe tags. The iframe tags, which are generally used to embed external elements in a webpage, like a YouTube video, was also loading elements from malicious domains. In one case, an app didn’t use iframe but Microsoft’s Visual Basic language to load malicious code into the app.” The apps which were affected by Malware was found out by Palo Alto networks and reported them to Google. The network also found that most of the apps were from Indonesia.

The report also said that, “One common way HTML files have been infected with malicious iframes has been through file infecting viruses like Ramnit. After infecting a Windows host, these viruses search the hard drive for HTML files and append iframes to each document. If a developer was infected with one of these viruses, their app’s HTML files could be infected.”

The report  also says that the malware attacks were not “intentional” and the developers did not know that their HTML files were infected. Arc Technica, a website, explains that the purpose of the Malware was to post interstitial adds.

The apps weren’t a threat to Android devices but the question which is raised is that why did Google not have a better screening process for the apps. So, hopefully Google Play will find a solution for these attacks as soon as possible.


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