Google Glass refresh

As per the reports, Google has planned to release the next generation of Google Glass, which is augmented reality headset with upgraded features.

Internally, the new Google Glass is known as ‘Enterprise Edition‘ or ‘EE’. It might sport a larger prism display as compared to the current ‘Explorer’ version. It will also sport an Intel SoC and a slightly enhanced battery life.

As per the reports, Google Glass EE version with larger prism glass will remove the users need to look towards top right every time and also reduce eyestrain issues users with prolonged use of the Google Glass. It is said that display resolution will be better than its predecessor.
Google Glass EE will use a low-power Intel Atom chip, that would be faster than the present top Android Wear versions. This is line with the old reports leaked in last December. There is no exact details about the chipset version.The Google Glass Enterprise Edition might come with an external battery. Still, it is unclear how large the external battery pack’s capacity is. The inbuilt battery life has also been enhanced. As per the reports, the Enterprise Edition to feature 5 GHz WiFi 802.11 ac band connectivity, in line with a device named GG1 passing through FCC certification last week.

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