Google Allo is one of the search giant’s chatting apps. Initially when Allo was released it did not please many people because they already had many more options to chat. But still Google is trying out every nerve to get Allo among the users. Now the latest update of the app includes features such as Animated Emojis and Google’s Assistant Icon. 

First the users had to type @google to seek the assistant’s service but in the new updated version one has to just click the Google Assistant icon to get the service. Google said, “We’re adding a shortcut to make it faster and easier to bring the Google Assistant into chats with friends.”  These features are brought in to get many users to use the app.

Another cool part of the app is that the emojis which you send are in their animated form. The user just needs to select and hold the send button and drag it up to the chat box to get animated emojis. Google confirms that there are only 10 of such animated emojis available now.

The process of searching for GIFs is also made easy in the latest version. The users need not go out of the app to search GIFs they can rather search for GIFs in the app itself. All you have to do is, pull the smiley in the chat bar to the left and as the option GIF appears you can search for them in the text box. There is also Lucky Chatbot to search for GIFs.

The new updated version of the app is now available for Android and will soon be paving its way to iOS. Time will give the answers about whether the app succeeded in bringing many users to use it or the whether the hardwork goes in vain.


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