Google Allo is a chatting app which was initially issued only for mobile services like WhatsApp and other chatting apps. It had the most cool stickers. But people were already exposed to different chatting apps and so Allo had vanished from their homescreens and some even bother downloading it. Yet  Google is trying to make the best out of it by bring the chatting app to the desktop.

Nick Fox, vice president of communications product, Google, has shared a screenshot in twitter which shows the desktop version of Allo, with which he wrote, “Still in early development, but coming to a desktop near you.” The chatting app, Allo will have two pane design just like usual chatting apps have, along with the same stickers which the app provided in the mobile phones. And for quick replies the app is integrated with Google Assistant. All these feature will make Allo a complete app for the desktop users compared to other chatting apps in mobile phones.

Allo would have topped the list if Google had released it as a desktop version rather than a common mobile chatting app, where Facebook owned apps are the rulers of such applications.

Another reason for Allo’s decline was that Google already had many chatting apps such as Google Hangouts available in bothe web and mobile phone, the Messenger a plain text messaging app, Duo a video calling app etc, for example.

Hope that the desktop version of Allo brings a success. We will be able to use the app after its release which is expected soon. Users wait to experience the new version of the app in your desktops.


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