Gmail is one of the most common and famous email sites as it is easy to use and has more features. Google has currently updated the Gmail app. The update has new app shortcuts and support for exchange tasks on Android 7.1 Nougat.

Before this update was introduced the previous version of the email app had only app shortcut that is to compose emails and the now the new latest version has other shortcuts such as shortcuts for three email accounts, the app shortcut icon can also be bought or dragged onto the homescreen to access different accounts. Hence this will provide easier access to other accounts which was reported by 9 to 5 Google. These accessible accounts will be the last three accounts that were interacted in the application.

Another new feature which was included in the updated version of the app was the support for exchange tasks. In a blog post, Google said,  “This new feature synchronizes your tasks with Exchange so you can always stay on top of your task list, even when you’re on the go. You can create a task, edit its date or priority, and flag an email as a to-do for later response.”  Google also added that,”With a unified tasks list, we’ve made it easy for you to focus on your important tasks and check things off the list once you’re done. The simple swipe to mark as complete can be just as rewarding.” Google also said that email app for Android is enterprise ready and can be set out soon.

This updated version is available for Android and can be downloaded from playstore. The search giant always makes its applications easier for the user to use and has always succeeded. Gmail users experience the new version from playstore soon.


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